Aconcagua Natural Gas Power Plant Presentation

Aconcagua Cogeneration Power Plant

The project consists of the construction of a cogeneration power plant based on natural gas that will produce high-pressure steam to feed the processes of Aconcagua Refinery, and will also generate 77 MW of electric power that will fully meet the Refinery’s needs and inject the surplus to the National Electric System (SEN).

The main components of the plant are a General Electric natural gas electric turbine model 6F equipped with cutting-edge burners (Dry Low Nox DLN), which allow to considerably reduce the NOx emissions, and a Heat Recovery Boiler that will operate with the energy of the exhaust gases of the gas turbine to generate the process steam.

It is important to emphasize that the cogeneration power plant is 98% complete, will operate exclusively with natural gas, which is the most environmentally friendly fuel available, and will make the operation of ENAP Aconcagua Refinery in Concón more secure and efficient.

The electrical connection of the power station and the evacuation of the surplus electricity to the rest of the country through the SEN will be done through the existing infrastructure. The Refinery currently has a substation called Maucó, which will allow the interconnection of the Cogenerator with the SEN through the existing transmission line, so the construction of a new line will not be necessary.

Among the environmental benefits produced by this plant is that a part of the boilers with which the refinery currently operates will be put out of normal production while the cogeneration plant is operating, thus reducing the noise and atmospheric emissions of the complex. In addition, this plant will not generate additional water consumption, since the generation of steam will be done by relocating the current consumption of the Refinery.

Among the mitigation measures committed are the paving of Concón streets, the recovery of green areas of the commune, the improvement of the air quality monitoring network, the online monitoring of the plant's emissions and the Refinery boilers, among others.

The estimated investment amount of this project is around US$ 200 million.