The Company

Ethics and Compliance

What we do

Our mission is to promote ENAP values by adopting good practices in all areas of the business between the company and its stakeholders, as well as mitigating the materialization of certain risks that expose the company’s equity or reputation, focusing its action in the implementation of an adequate Program of Good Practices.

Management develops different programs with relation to prevention, detection and monitoring.

In prevention it provides for the management of the code of ethics, regulations and procedures, such as the continuous training to all the people who are part of ENAP and its stakeholders; in addition to the proper management of its risk matrix.

At the stage of detection there is a hotline for queries and complaints that allows a direct and reliable channel with all ENAP actors, whether internal or external audiences.

Finally, it manages the monitoring that allows to correct and respond to queries or infractions identified in the detection stage, as well as to follow-up on the effectiveness of the measures taken and communicate the lessons learned to the organization.