The Company

Transparency Law

Roles and Competencies

I. Board of Directors

Law number 21.025, published in the official journal of August 7, 2017 (hereinafter "law), established a new corporate governance to the national oil company (hereinafter"ENAP"). The aforementioned body of law introduced modifications to the decree with force of law No. 1 of 1986, the Ministry of mines, laying down the revised, coordinated and systematized law Nº 9.618, that created the national petroleum company.

Directory of ENAP is top management and its administration, in the form which is designated in its organic law, its statutes and, in matters not provided for, in accordance with the requirements in Law number 18.046, about Anonymous Societies.

The directory of the Company is composed as follows:

a) Two directors appointed by the President of the Republic, who will be of different sex.

b) Four directors appointed by the President of the Republic, based on a shortlist proposed for each position by the Board of Senior Public Management, with the favorable vote of four fifths of its members.

c) A director appointed by the President of the Republic, who will be appointed on the basis of a proposal presented by the workers of the Company.

Additionally, the board of directors must constitute a committee of directors that will have the same faculties and duties as contemplated in article 50 bis of law No. 18,046. The foregoing is understood without prejudice to the power of the board to establish other committees for the purposes it deems necessary, in particular, related committees focused on matters of audit, financial management, contracts and investments, compensation and compensation, occupational safety and health and Company's relationship with the environment and its sustainability.

The members of ENAP's Board of Directors are:

Board of Directors

Gloria Isabel Maldonado Figueroa
President of the Board
Appointed by the President of the Republic
Chemical Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 6.446.537-6

Andrés Ignacio Rebolledo Smitmans 
Appointed by the President of the Republic
Identity Card Nº: 8.127.608-0 

Rodrigo Manubens Moltedo
Selected by Senior Public Management (ADP)
Commercial Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 6.575.050-3

Rodrigo Cristóbal Azócar Hidalgo
Selected by Senior Public Management (ADP)
Industrial Civil Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 6.444.699-1

Laura Elvira Albornoz Pollmann
Selected by Senior Public Management (ADP)
Identity Card Nº: 10.338.467-2

José Luis Mardones Santander
Selected by Senior Public Management (ADP)
Industrial civil engineer
Identity Card Nº: 5.201.915-K

Nolberto Javier Díaz Sánchez
Representative of the workers
Social Assistant
Identity Card Nº: 8.469.685-4  

II. Head Office Managements 


Julio Friedmann Encina 
Civil Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 7.988.418-9

The CEO is in charge of the Company’s senior Management, as part of the roles and powers established by Law N° 9,618, the Company’s by-laws and by ENAP’s Board of Directors. In particular he shall implement the resolutions adopted by the Board, to judicially and extra judicially represent the company and watch over its assets and funds. In the performance of such functions, he leads the preparation and implementation of the business plan with a strategic vision, so it can be shared by the whole organization.

Corporate Exploration and Production (E&P) Manager

Denisse Abudinén Butto
Civil Industrial Engineer 
Identity Card Nº: 14.168.642-9

E&P Manager reports directly to the ENAP's CEO. His role is aimed at developing the explorations and exploitation of hydrocarbons both in Chile and abroad. In this last case, operations are made through the subsidiary Enap Sipetrol S.A. All this is carried out in strict compliance with Quality, Environment, Risks Prevention and Corporate Social Responsibility Policies. The main purpose of this Management is the incorporation of hydrocarbon reserves, through the exploration and optimization of deposits exploitation. In addition, E&P Management is responsible for the management of the geothermal assets of the company.

Corporate Refining & Commercialization (R&C) Management

Patricio Farfán Bórquez
Civil Chemical Engineer 
Identity Card Nº: 12.449.447-8

The function of this Management, which reports directly to ENAP CEO and operates mainly through the subsidiary Enap Refinerías S.A., are as follows:

  • To transform crude oil into fuel (liquefied gas, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, fuel oil, and petroleum coke), petrochemical products (ethylene and propylene) and special products (solvents and asphalt-base products);
  • To transport and store crude oil and petroleum products, the latter for subsequent sale to distribution companies both in Chile and abroad;
  • To develop supplementary processes of refining, usually in association with third parties, to produce inputs required for its operation (hydrogen, steam, electric power) and chemicals (DIPE, sulfur, sulfuric acid, sodium hydrosulfide).
  • Marketing of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas supplying Aconcagua, Bío Bío and Gregory (Magallanes) Refineries. It sells its own production and purchases from third parties mainly in the domestic fuel market. To achieve this, it manages logistical resources to optimize import and export transportation costs as well as cabotage within the country.

Corporate Management of Strategic Planning 

Nicolás Correa Fenick 
Civil Engineer in Informatics and Telecommunications
Identity Card Nº: 15.382.506-8

The main function of this management, which reports directly to ENAP's CEO, is to co-ordinate the process of preparation of the Strategic Business Plan and the management annual budget. It works with the business lines in the evaluation and implementation of initiatives in Chile and abroad, and develops studies and business ventures in the field of renewable energies.

Corporate People Manager

Andrés León Schleyer
Identity Card Nº: 8.190.120-1

The Human Resources Manager reports directly to ENAP's CEO and is responsible for the management of processes necessary to optimize the contribution of individuals and work teams to the fulfillment of the objectives of the business. To this purpose, he shall:

  • Manage the processes of work organization, labor mobility, compensation, development and performance of the workers.
  • Develop labor relations based on the cooperation, managing dialogue instances with the employee's representatives.
  • Support the administrative staff in matters inherent to the area, to optimize their management.
  • Provide the organization with the technical competencies essential for the proper development of productive and support processes.
  • Promote a labor culture based on values defined for the achievement of the strategy goals, and to encourage a labor climate that contributes to a higher productivity.

Corporate Manager of Safety and Occupational Health

Douglas Sequeira Morgado
Risk Prevention and Environment Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 10.544.211-4

The HSE Manager is responsible for defining and supporting the implementation of the Strategy on Safety and Occupational Health, providing timely feedback regarding HS performance and practices among operations, providing guidelines for the decision making and the incorporation of the best practices both within the company and the industry in general. Through his management he provides support to the business lines in the sustainable management of the operations, ensuring that HS risks are timely and properly identified, assessed and managed.

Corporate Legal Counsel

María Francisca Domínguez Meza 
Identity Card Nº: 10.728.455-9

The function of this unit is to provide the CEO, the Lines of Business and Corporate Directors with legal advise, to guarantee that the Company's actions are carried out within a legal framework.

The scope of this area's advising function covers several juridical issues related to the businesses and activities carried out by the Company, ENAP's internal management, and the Relationship with regulatory entities.

Corporate Supply Chain Manager

Mauricio Naveas Farías
Industrial Civil Engineer 
Identity Card Nº: 11.736.487-9

This Management is responsible for strengthening and build a comprehensive and strategic design of the supply chain of ENAP, making sure that throughout the country the company is able to supply Chile in an efficient and timely manner. In particular, the focus will be on designing and developing a strategy to maximize the growth of the hydrocarbon energy matrix in the country.

III. Managements in Magallanes

General Manager ENAP Magallanes

Rodrigo Bustamante Villegas 
Electronic Civil Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 12.219.794-8

This area reports directly to ENAP Exploration and Production (E&P) Management, and its main role is to comply with the Company's strategic goals, in the administrative, financial and normal operations and projects development areas of Magallanes Business Unit, by ensuring the safety of people, security of processes, equipment, materials and environment, through the business line's leadership and the employees' commitment. Furthermore, the Exploration and Production Manager represents ENAP publicly, judicially and extra-judicially in its activities in the region, and is responsible for watching over the company's assets and funds in Magallanes.

Exploration and Production Manager

Rodrigo Bustamante Villegas
Electronic Civil Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 12.219.794-8

Production Manager

Jorge Ojeda Pedraza
Electronic Civil Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 10.701.547-7

The Production Manager reports directly to the Exploration and Production Management in Magallanes. His main responsibility is the management of processes related with production, transportation and hydrocarbon processes, maintenance of equipment and facilities, and development of projects; managing the human resources, assets and budgetary resources assigned with economic and technical efficiency. All the above is carried out in compliance with the environmental policies of the Company. As part of its mission, this Management is assigned the responsibility of defining the strategies for the exploitation of oil and gas deposits in Magallanes in the short, medium and long-term.

Drilling and Well Completion Manager

Edwards Godoy Dobson
Chemical Engineer, mention Oil and Petrochemical
Identity Card Nº: 15.309.437-3

This Management is responsible for drilling, planning, designing and executing oil wells, optimizing the use of internal and external resources. During oil well intervention processes, it is also responsible for providing personal and service equipment, as well as the operations needed for the proper execution of each programme developed by the user areas.

Explorations Manager

Iván Arriagada Saldías
Identity Card Nº: 9.599.132-7

His main responsibility will be to define and implement hydrocarbon strategies and programs in Magallanes Basin that enable the incorporation of new reserves. Within this scope of activity, he will be responsible for the conduction, management and administration of human resources, assets and budgetary resources assigned to comply in quality and term with the exploration projects.

Human Resources Manager

Luis Fernando Zenteno Castro
Commercial Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 15.154.481-9

The Human Resources Manager reports directly to the Exploration and Production Management in Magallanes. His main role is to manage Human Resources of both Business Lines in Magallanes. According to the above, he is responsible for the processes of staff hiring, development, retention and disengagement in Magallanes, labor relationships, collective bargaining and management of the organizational change and work environment. 

IV. Other Units

Auditor Manager 

Omar Oyaneder Leiva
Commercial Engineer
Identity Card Nº: 12.231.994-6

The role of this Department, that reports directly to ENAP Board of Directors, is to audit all operations carried out in the Company, in order to assess, control and timely report, objectively and independently, on the existence, quality and reliability of the information systems, the safekeeping of assets, compliance with the corporate policies and procedures, and the efficiency of operations.

Corporate Compliance Manager 

Sebastián Segovia Arancibia
Identity Card Nº: 13.923.501-0

This Area reports directly to ENAP Board of Directors and its role includes the identification and management of compliance activities -or ethics and compliance- through all areas of the Company, implementing a program for the prevention and detection of the main risks of regulatory breaches and promoting the generation of good practices within the company